Goody bags should be given to all car owners and all spectators.  I recommend you go to a local auto parts store, and ask them for a quantity of their medium size plastic bags.  They will get free advertising with their logo on the bags being handed out and you’ll get free plastic bags to reduce your costs (while there, ask if they want to donate any doorprizes).  In the goody bags for the car owners, include their dash plaque and door prize tickets.  Here are some ideas of what to put in your goody bags.

  • Dash plaque (in bags for car owners only)
  • Doorprize ticket (in bags for car owners only)
  • Gospel tract
  • Various church ministry flyers or pamphlets
  • Special event announcement flyers (concert, car wash, youth event, men’s or ladies social, etc.)
  • Items with your church logo and/or sponsor logo on them (pens, note pads, mouse pads, can holders, frisbee, fridge magnets, chip bag clips, etc.)
  • Christian DVD such as “Jesus:  Fact or Fiction”, “The Jesus Film”, or “The Chronicles of Narnia”
  • CD of Christian music (perhaps recorded by your church worship team or other local or national Christian artist)
  • Prayer request card
  • Schedule of Events (if you have a busy list of activities going on during your event, also consider including a map of the grounds where different things are happening)